Here are some of the activities you will participate in at Camp Adventure:

  • Archery - Instruction and practice in target shooting and proper use of equipment.
  • Campcraft Skills - Instruction and practice in outdoor cooking, fire building, the use of map and compass, and introductory backpacking skills
  • Canoeing - Instruction and practice  tandem canoeing at the lake at Riverside Campus
  • Crafts - This will include a variety of activities such as painting and paper mache
  • Tumbling - Instruction in beginning tumbling and floor exercises
  • Initiative Games - Problem solving games in which a small group is presented with a challenging problem that they are to solve as a group
  • Pickleball - This is a good lead-up game for tennis.  Played in a gym on a small court with a wooden paddle and a waffle ball
  • Recreational Games - Will include games such as disc golf, kickball, etc.
  • Sports - A variety of sports skills and games.


Take a look at all the fun!